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Eat Atlantic Challenge Sept 2nd

Eat Atlantic Challenge Sept 2nd: "
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Do you know where your food comes from? On September 2nd Maritimers are asked to only eat Atlantic produced products that day and beyond. With the rising awareness of ethical eating, consumers are choosing to shop closer to home. Locally grown produce is often more nutritious while producing a smaller carbon footprint.

Co-op Atlantic is organizing local events to help celebrate this special dietary day. Members of the public can enjoy samples of Atlantic produced products at the Charlottetown location on Walker Drive. Follow the Eat Atlantic Challenge on facebook wall to find out more details and to make your dietary pledge.

I signed the pledge, and here’s my PEI produced meal plan for today:

Breakfast: 2 PEI free range eggs + 1 local bakery whole wheat bread, PEI roasted coffee with honey drop

Snack: handpicked PEI apple + slice of Cows creamery cheddar cheese

Lunch: garden veggie stir fry with oishi sauce and uncle’s homegrown chicken

Snack: fresh fruit smoothie with Island berries and Purity dairy skim milk

Supper: PEI lobster, corn on the cob, garden fresh yellow beans, new PEI potatoes

Local eating just makes sense. It’s easy to do and often more affordable. Planning your meals a day in advance can help you stay on track. To find out more about local eating or where to buy food, read the 100 mile diet.

The Eat Atlantic website hosts a kids club, which includes healthy inspired projects for kids and parents. Learn more about nutrition and how your food is grown on this interactive website. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to be a healthy food role model for your children. Openly discuss nutrition with them and take family outings to local farms.

How do you plan on enjoying Eat Atlantic day? Hopefully with lots of food Kiss


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