Monday, January 24, 2011

Recovery Is Possible - Ask Garrett!

Hi to all of my stroke recovery readers,

You may remember Garrett Mendez, a young man who suffered a stroke five years ago.

Garrett is an amazing example to any of us who have been effected by a brain injury and or stroke.

Listen to Garrett in his recent T.V.. interview that he did during a fund raiser for his rehab facility

Click here to watch Garrett's interview

Click here to learn the back story

Click here to read Garret's story and visit his website.

Thanks Garrett for this inspiring interview and all that you do to increase awareness, educate and inspire us about just how possible recovery is. Thanks as well to Eileen Mendez (Garrett's mom) for your amazing support through Garret's recovery. You both deserve a high five. - HIGH FIVE!!! (and a Lefty fist pump LOL)

I will post again soon,


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