Monday, July 9, 2012

"My Life After Stroke" e-book to be released soon

After a stroke you realize that you have survived but your very being is broken and your emotional life is in tatters. These are just some of the emotional needs that come swirling out of the mists rising from the black abyss of stroke.... Will they ever be met?

1. the peacefulness of being safe and secure
2. the calmness of being without anxiety
3. the glee to be able to use an arm and leg again
4. the joy of being loved
5. the happiness of being understood
6. the clarity of thinking and remembering
7. the warmth of talking and communicating
8. the freedom of independence
9  the satisfaction of work
10.the happy ability of being able to read
11.the independance of being able to drive.

After that comes the wants and the nagging worries about the days, weeks ahead. You just can't even begin to think in terms of months and years... "What will I ever be able to do?" you ask yourself.

Just some of the wants:

To move, to walkto talk, to readto write to hugto hold to drive to go to the storeto eat outto work

And some of the worries:

I will have another strokeI will be in a wheelchair,I will be a mental veggie, I can't go out any more, I can't communicateI will be in a rest home No one understands,I will always need careI will loose my familyI will loose all my friends.

So where do the answers come from? They come from someone who has been exactly where you are now. They come in the form of a new e-book that I, a ten year stroke survivor who has recovered much of his life is currently writing. My plan is to have it ready for release on August 10, 2012 exactly ten years after I personally had a major stroke leaving me with these very same emotional needs, wants and worries.

Recovery is possible after stroke and and I will share in my writings, my journey and how I have regained a quality of life that includes independent living, satisfying volunteer work. Joy, peace and friendly association in my life.

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Gary Gray
Stroke survivor since 2002


  1. Hi Gary,

    Put me on your list for "...notified when my book is released".

    Cheers / John A.

  2. Is your book out yet, Gary? I'd love to read it.