Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Everything You Are Is In Your BRAIN"...

"Everything You Are Is In Your BRAIN"

Would you like to find out more as well as have a deeper understanding of how stroke can effect our brains?

Watch this very interesting video to learn more...

Our brains are amazing parts of our bodies. In fact, brains can also learn and adapt. If you or someone you know or love has been affected by stroke, you need to learn about HOW to teach the brain.

Lets start with a well written book: "The Brain That Changes Itself"  (now available on Kindle)

Follow with another of my favorite books on the topic of stroke "Stronger After Stroke"

And now lets get to work: "Stroke Nation" (Stroke Nation can help through it's growing library of videos available to you, no matter where you live. The video library is available on their You Tube channel) Stroke Nation Video Library

In conclusion of this post I also want to introduce you to "StrokeLink" What is StrokeLink?

It is an application (App) available only for Apple products at this time to help: "StrokeLink empowers stroke survivors throughout their care journey by providing knowledge and self-care tools to bridge the gaps in care delivery. It provides a comprehensive toolkit of health reference material and a powerful tool for rehabilitation designed to guide and actively engage patients as they recover and regain independence."

If you can, check out StrokeLink and take it for a spin. I would LOVE to know what you think by leaving a comment . Thanks!

If the content on this post is helpful to you in any way, I would also LOVE to know. Please leave a brief comment to let me know. Thanks!!!

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Stroke survivor since 2002

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    1. Thanks Dean! Really appreciate your dropping by.

  2. A Stroke Survivor (serious not supposed to be able to do just about anything event 2000), who has just completed his Visual Arts degree. My honours project for next year...4 glass sculptures of my brain/mind... before, immediately after, recovering and where to from here...looking forward to an important 2013. While it will be my story, stroke survivors really only know their story, and only they know it, any thoughts greatly appreciated

    1. Hey Steve, You are doing amazing stuff. Congratulations!

      For sure... Wishing you the VERY best for 2013.

      Your story is important and if you would consider doing a guest post here on my blog, I would love to work with you on that.