Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stroke Recovery Secret Number One...

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This post will reveal the First Secret to Stroke Recovery - Attitude!

Why Attitude? Well, there is a saying that goes like this - "Change your attitude and you change your life"...Wayne Gretzky

Attitude is the most important factor to attain our goal of  "being the very best that our body will allow us to be".If we have a positive attitude and really work toward our goal it can be simply amazing as  to how our bodies will respond.

I would like you now to view this ten minute video of a presentation given by Mr. Zig Zigler. Mr Zigler is known world wide as a marketing expert and author  of many books such as "Meet Me At The Top"

This video may be presented from a marketing point of view but the principals contained within it can be applied to the challenge of stroke recovery.

Than you for taking the time to view Mr Zigler's video. I hope you found it to be of value and you are welcome to return to this post as often as you would like to view it again.

I would like to encourage you to tell me your thoughts on the power of this video to influence your life in a positive way by leaving a comment on this post.

So the first tool in the Stroke Recovery is "Having A Positive Attitude". Learn to appreciate what you have in your life. Do not pine after the things that you have lost. Practice this technique over and over until it becomes second nature to you.

If you are a recent stroke survivor I hope that you or your caregiver will become a follower of this blog. For more information on what we are trying to accomplish with this blog please review the post "Welcome To Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery".

Wishing you well in your journey to recovery,

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  1. Here is a another great resource to develop a positive mental attitude. Brave Step number five in my friend Ron Gardner's book "Take Brave Steps" gives many tips to making a positive attitude a habit in your life. Find Ron's book on his web site