Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome to Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery

Welcome to Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery.

This blog (web log) has been created to share information with and support the stroke community of Prince Edward Island. It is also my personal hope that the national stroke community of Canada as well as the International stroke community will benefit from the information provided through future posts.

I have been a stroke survivor for the past nearly eight years having suffered a hemoragic stroke in August of 2002. During those eight years my recovery progress has been slow but steady. I continue to recover even though the health care professionals at the time were not optimistic that there would be any recovery beyond that magic cutoff time of six months.

Times are changing in the world of stroke and I will attempt to share the secrets of my recovery through the future posts of this blog.

To give you (the reader) a sense from where I plan to share this vital information I am going to direct you now to a web page that I created a couple of years ago. The page was actually created ahead of it's time but steady progress is being made in the direction of the information on this page.

I have not shared this information on the web before but rather provided any information through a previous blog that I had created several years ago called "The Signs Of A Stroke"

I will be directing future readers of that blog over here and plan to post any future posts about stroke and my personal journey here.

As you are waiting for posts to appear you can find me on the web by searching "Gary Gray pei" in the Google search engine. You can also visit my "home page"

Thank you for visiting my Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery blog. I hope you become a follower of my posts and we can share our experiences by simply commenting on any of the posts that you wish.

Smiles :o)


p.s. To visit my previous posts on my "Signs Of A Stroke" blog they are still available here

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  1. Gary, I look forward to reading your blog. My husband suffered a stroke 10 months ago, and blessed be God, he survived with much of his mental ability intact. He lost a good deal of his left side, but is now walking quite well with the help of an AFO and a cane, but his arm is still not of much use. How can I encourage him to keep going, keep working on it, and that his life isn't over? I'm still grieving, too, and frustrated at times, and we are a young family, trying to raise 4 kids! I just wonder what you found helpful when you were in the early stages of your stroke recovery.