Friday, April 29, 2011

How To Beat The Risk Factors Of Stroke

photo credit - Health PEI

Hi to all of our Stroke Recovery readers.

To help people just like you get help quick in the event of a stroke we have highlighted the "5 Warning Signs Of Stroke" and explained what to do if they are happening to you or to someone around you.

To help people just like you become aware of what the 8 modifiable risk factors that can cause stroke are we have highlighted "The 8 Modifiable Risk Factors Of Stroke"

BUT! -  Until now there has not been, in one convenient place, concise information about how to manage those risk factors. What the bench marks are for each factor to maintain our health and avoid having a stroke.( This includes secondary stroke for people who are living with some of these very risk factors)

NOW! - we here at Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery are pleased to be able to share with you,  a new publication from Health PEI called "Passport To Health".. It highlights 9 risk factors  to health and explains how to manage each one of them, in cooperation with your health care professional..

Get your copy of the "Passport To Health" publication here.

With the information contained in this publication, along with it's tips, tools and Internet links we can target our risk factors that effect us personally. We can set goals to manage or eliminate those risk factors and enjoy the freedom, of living a healthy life.

We challenge everyone, who reads this post, to obtain a copy of this publication and use it to build your road to a healthy life.

If you live in North America the odds are that you have at least 1 risk factor and the possibility is great that you have more than one. Even people who live in other parts of our world in all likelihood have at least 1 risk factor.

We here at Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery are working on the "Contract To Health" which should be available in the very near future. It is a contract that you make with yourself to either manage or eliminate all 9 risk factors from your live.

This is doable and now we have the tools to get it done.

Wishing everyone better health and remember that WORKING TOGETHER through education and awareness WE CAN STOP STROKE!!!

We will post again soon,

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