Monday, April 11, 2011

STROKE Education Suppliment In Canadian-Health Magazine

Canadian Health Spring 2011

Hello to all my PEI Stroke Recovery readers,

While I was at the Lawtons Drugs next door this evening  I noticed a magazine rack in the waiting room filled with the latest edition of the Canadian Medical Association quarterly magazine "Canadian Health" As I leafed through it I noticed an article on Fatigue that I thought I would like to read. I picked up the couple of items that I had come for and then took a copy of the magazine as I noticed the large "FREE" sign that dominated the very top of the magazine rack. The price was right as Lawtons Drugs was providing the magazines at no charge.

Back  in my big blue chair I proceeded to devour the contents of the magazine. I skimmed the article on Fatigue . It dealt not with the "stop in your tracks" fatigue that comes as a result of traumatic brain injury, suffered from  a stroke type brain attack. It dealt with the fatigue that comes late in the day. That comes after not getting proper sleep at night, or not taking in sufficient fuel at the beginning of the day. Th body is left lacking to make it through the entire work day. My eyes skimmed through the remainder of the magazine stopping here and there as something caught my attention. Then, on pages 56 and 57 they met, "full stop", with familiar material.

Two pages of "STROKE Education Supplement" that spoke of the importance of Awareness and Education in reducing the occurrence of stroke in Canada. (50,000 new strokes  in Canada each year) The supplement spoke of methods for health care professionals, stroke survivors, caregivers and families. These methods are  being developed through the "Organized Stroke Care Model" and are being promoted as ways to support the 315,000 Canadians living with the after effects of stroke.

It was great to see this two page "stroke education supplement" in this high profile health magazine.

Please pick up a copy if you are near a Lawtons Drugs. You can also check it out by clicking the links in this blog post. Please pass on this link "stroke education supplement" in order to make others aware and educate them that together we can "STOP STROKE!"

I will post again soon,


  1. At my stroke Recovery Group Yesterday we viewed a rather good booklet from the states that was aimed at people with recent strokes and how to prevent future strokes. We discussed it in some detail and we agreed that there is currently a fair bit out there about preventing strokes but not much about what to do once it has already happened.

    People being discharged from rehab or hospital could use a good handbook with guidelines of what to do next and how to find the resources that are out there. Wouldn't it be great if there were some truly helpful publications put out by our provincial and national government for people and families who have suffered a stroke or brain injury?

    This magazine supplement looks like a very good start. I am passing it on.

  2. Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment. I am aware of a few publications available.


    Support programs

    Support groups

  3. Fortunately these magazines are great when they come along. But, unfortunately they go as quickly as they appear.

    " Notice

    The final issue of Canadian Health magazine was published on April 1. Subscribers will be notified of its discontinuation and will be reimbursed for their subscriptions. Any CMA member inquiries can be directed to the Member Service Centre at 1-888-855-2555."

    Thank you for your interest in Canadian Health magazine.

    At first I had thought of deleting this post. However, rather than do that I am leaving it up because it has been linked to from various other locations and has been commented on as well.

    I tend to agree with Linda's comment that it is sad to see valuable content deleted from the Internet for no other reason then someone is changing a URL, reorganizing or simply ceasing to publish new material.

    Obviously we still have a lot to learn about how to use the Internet as an information publishing and research platform.