Saturday, July 14, 2012

A How To Recover My Life After A Stroke Tool

Happiness is being back in a kayak after my stroke

I am excited to share a little more about my upcoming e-book "My Life After Stroke"

By using the M-I-A method, I am turning my book into an effective tool to help stroke survivors (or persons effected by stroke) regain an independent life with joy and happiness, rather than one of anger, anxiety, frustration and depression.

What is the MIA method?  M = motivation, I = Information and A = action steps

Some of the strongest motivating emotions for someone who has experienced stroke are.

1. The ANXIETY of having another stroke.

2. To have the FREEDOM of living independently.

3. To feel the JOY of being loved and having control over emotions.

4. The GLEE of having arm and leg movement again.

5. The HAPPINESS of doing simple tasks every day.

The positive emotions can motivate to recover if they are stronger than the negative emotions that manifest themselves in destructive ways.

Information of course is the key to unlock the door to recovery after stroke. Here are just some of the information points that are shared in my book.

1. How to relax and bring a feeling of calmness to mind that extends throughout your entire body whenever you want..

2. How to regain the ability to live independently and to become your own caregiver.

3. How to manage emotional feelings of frustration and anger.and how to love and be loved by family and friends.

4. How to kick start your brain into turning paralysis into movement within your body again.

5.How to set goals and take steps to do simple every day things like being able to open a can or zip up a zipper.

The real means to success is the "A" in M-I-A. Action steps! Clear simple numbered steps in each chapter to get you actually doing what it takes to get your body and mind back. To begin doing more and more on your own and making a meaningful contribution to your self, family, friends and community again.

I am excited about getting to write such a book. I hope you are getting just as excited and looking forward to making full use of it in your life after stroke.

I am also excited to hear your thoughts and comments. I hope you will share...

Stroke survivor since 2002