Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Know The Signs Of Stroke - CALL 911!

Contributed by Dr. Kathleen MacMillan:

"Dr. Kathleen MacMillan has contributed to clinical practice, education, administration and policy and research and has held policy positions in both the federal and provincial government. Her experience includes serving as the first provincial chief nursing officer in Canada (Ontario) from 1999 to 2001, where she provided nursing leadership, support and policy advice as a member of the senior executive team of the health ministry. Her role involved leading the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the province’s Nursing Strategy and Nursing Task Force recommendations to address critical nursing human resource issues. She led the passage of legislation for nurse practitioners and championed degree entry to practice for Ontario nurses. Most recently, Dr. MacMillan was executive director of the Office of Nursing Services, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada, where she led strategies to strengthen nursing services to aboriginal communities."

Thank you Dr. MacMillan

July 16, 2012
"The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has released Pathways of Care for People with Stroke in Ontario, a report based upon an analysis of 62,000 stroke cases.  It found improved care is reducing stroke deaths but that much more improvement is needed."


  1. Interesting article. I would be interested in seeing statistics from around the country too.

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment. I know from being on the Provencal Organized Stroke Care committee here in Prince Edward Island that it is difficult to obtain good data on stroke. However I am not saying it is impossible.

      Dr. MacMillan is a well respected health care professional and I really appreciate it when she is able to find and share links such as this one.

      If you find any related articles in your travels, please don't hesitate to pass them along. Thanks!!! - Gary

  2. Glad to hear the education is helping reduce risk. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Cindy, It seems that strokes are occurring more often as our population ages and lifestyle puts younger members at risk.

      Stroke being the number one cause of long term disability and the number three cause of death, it is imperative to increase awareness and education on how to prevent stroke as well as recognize the signs of stroke and to get help FAST! - Gary