Monday, May 30, 2011

My Life After Stroke

Gary Gray living "My Life After Stroke"

Hello to all Stroke Survivors, Family members, Caregivers and Stroke care professionals,

I have a simple question: How has your life been touched by stroke?

Let me guess. You or someone that you love has had a stroke, In my case it was a classic case of a bolt out of the blue. I couldn't speak and I was experiencing weakness in my Left side. Fortunately I was in a place where I received help right away. Within a few minutes I lapsed into a state of unconscious.  Due to my blood pressure being unusually high that morning I had a bleed in the middle of my brain and my brain cells were being destroyed by a tiny pool of blood that was flooding through my head.

To tell my story and the stories of other stroke survivors we have created a small community that is dedicated to helping both we stroke survivors and others come together, learn and share just what it is like to experience stroke, survive and recover to a point that we can live a satisfying and productive life after stroke.

Our community is made up of  three main social media tools.

First is our Facebook Fan Page: "My Life After Stroke" by clicking the "Like" button on this page you will be added to our Facebook followers and you will receive in your news feed any posts that are posted on our wall. You can also join the conversation by posting a link to our wall or commenting on our post.

Second there is our Blog: "My Life After Stroke" this is where we will post interesting and informative information about living our lives after stroke. There could be articles, webpage links, mp3s or videos or even podcasts and webinars. You can even publish your own posts on our blog as a guest blogger.

Third is our Twitter Feed: "After My Stroke" this is where we can interactively post short (140 character) bits of information and links that we would like to share about our lives after stroke.

These three social media sites are designed to work together as place for members of our stroke community to learn and share about living our lives  after stroke. These are simple uncluttered pages where a survivor can feel comfortable spending time reading, watching, listening or interacting with other survivors, family members, caregivers and health care professionals.

We warmly invite you to come, join in our conversation and learn more about My Life After Stroke.

We can also be contacted by email if you prefer either or

Smiles :o)

Gary Gray 
Stroke Survivor since 2002  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pass The Salt!...Interesting Research Results

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Hi to all of our PEI Stroke Recovery followers,

I just listened to this interesting fifteen minute podcast from  "Journal Watch" about salt and the effects that salt in our diet can have on our health. I thought you might like to listen too.

This post is for information only and we are NOT promoting it's content as something that you would want to follow personally. We just thought you might find the content interesting.  It does raise the point that ongoing research can produce interesting results.

After you have had a chance to listen to the podcast, we invite you to share with our followers  by posting  a comment on what you thought of it. Thanks!.

Click the link to go to the podcast page then click on the podcast to listen Podcast 120: Pass the salt!

We will post again soon,