Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garlic Salmon Over Spinach....yum!

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Diet is another very important part of recovering from and prevention of Stroke.

Here is a great web site by Posit Science that promotes Brain Healthy foods... Enjoy!
Brain-healthy foods in this recipe
Salmon is chock-full of DHA, the omega-3 fatty acid with the most evidence for brain benefits. Almost any salmon is a good choice for the brain, not just because of high good-for-you DHA levels but also because of relatively low levels of bad-for-you mercury. Wild salmon is probably a better choice than farmed salmon, due to lower levels of PCBs. Spinach and garlic may add to the brain benefits of this recipe!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Canadian Led Stroke Study Reveals Surprises


Canada is breaking new ground in world stroke research and the study findings are providing surprises.

Seemingly healthy Canadians under 50 are unknowingly walking around with pre-existing brain damage that puts them at increased risk of a full-blown stroke, Canadian researchers are warning.
In a study believed to be a world first, Montreal researchers who investigated 168 stroke patients age 18 to 50 discovered that 29 per cent had old brain lesions — small clusters of dead brain cells.

To learn more and watch the video click here: or copy and paste the link below into your browser.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hypertension tops list of stroke risk factors

Hypertension tops list of stroke risk factors

findings showed that those on the fruit- and vegetable-rich diet 
experienced a significant reduction in blood pressure,” says Barr. 
“Those on the diet with milk products as well showed an even more 
significant reduction.”

“The findings showed that those on the fruit- and vegetable-rich diet experienced a significant reduction in blood pressure,” says Barr. “Those on the diet with milk products as well showed an even more significant reduction.”

High blood pressure is the single biggest driver of stroke risk and potentially lethal damage to the brain, according to a major Canadian-led global study that shows 10 risk factors account for 90 per cent of the risk for stroke worldwide.
Five of them — blood pressure, smoking, diet, abdominal obesity and lack of regular exercise — were singled out for their magnitude of risk.

To learn more and watch the video click here: or either click the link below or copy and paste it in your browser.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Save A Life - Watch The video!!!


Stroke awareness is very important! Do you know what a stroke is?

You can save a life simply by watching the video, and posting the web address of this post to your Twitter feed or your Facebook account. Just copy and paste this link address. Thanks!

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in America and the number one cause of long term disability.

Don't forget to pass along the link so that others learn the warning signs of stroke too.

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Stroke Nursing News - Spring 2010


One way to stay up to date on the latest happenings on stroke in Canada is to become a regular reader of the newsletter publication "Stroke Nursing News"  - Enjoy!!

Go to the "Canadian Stroke Strategy" newsletters to read other issues of the newsletter.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stroke Recovery Secret Number One...

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This post will reveal the First Secret to Stroke Recovery - Attitude!

Why Attitude? Well, there is a saying that goes like this - "Change your attitude and you change your life"...Wayne Gretzky

Attitude is the most important factor to attain our goal of  "being the very best that our body will allow us to be".If we have a positive attitude and really work toward our goal it can be simply amazing as  to how our bodies will respond.

I would like you now to view this ten minute video of a presentation given by Mr. Zig Zigler. Mr Zigler is known world wide as a marketing expert and author  of many books such as "Meet Me At The Top"

This video may be presented from a marketing point of view but the principals contained within it can be applied to the challenge of stroke recovery.

Than you for taking the time to view Mr Zigler's video. I hope you found it to be of value and you are welcome to return to this post as often as you would like to view it again.

I would like to encourage you to tell me your thoughts on the power of this video to influence your life in a positive way by leaving a comment on this post.

So the first tool in the Stroke Recovery is "Having A Positive Attitude". Learn to appreciate what you have in your life. Do not pine after the things that you have lost. Practice this technique over and over until it becomes second nature to you.

If you are a recent stroke survivor I hope that you or your caregiver will become a follower of this blog. For more information on what we are trying to accomplish with this blog please review the post "Welcome To Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery".

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome to Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery

Welcome to Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery.

This blog (web log) has been created to share information with and support the stroke community of Prince Edward Island. It is also my personal hope that the national stroke community of Canada as well as the International stroke community will benefit from the information provided through future posts.

I have been a stroke survivor for the past nearly eight years having suffered a hemoragic stroke in August of 2002. During those eight years my recovery progress has been slow but steady. I continue to recover even though the health care professionals at the time were not optimistic that there would be any recovery beyond that magic cutoff time of six months.

Times are changing in the world of stroke and I will attempt to share the secrets of my recovery through the future posts of this blog.

To give you (the reader) a sense from where I plan to share this vital information I am going to direct you now to a web page that I created a couple of years ago. The page was actually created ahead of it's time but steady progress is being made in the direction of the information on this page.

I have not shared this information on the web before but rather provided any information through a previous blog that I had created several years ago called "The Signs Of A Stroke"

I will be directing future readers of that blog over here and plan to post any future posts about stroke and my personal journey here.

As you are waiting for posts to appear you can find me on the web by searching "Gary Gray pei" in the Google search engine. You can also visit my "home page"

Thank you for visiting my Prince Edward Island Stroke Recovery blog. I hope you become a follower of my posts and we can share our experiences by simply commenting on any of the posts that you wish.

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p.s. To visit my previous posts on my "Signs Of A Stroke" blog they are still available here