Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jennifer Drawdy Shares Her Stroke Testimonial

Did Jennifer notice that a stroke was about to happen to her?

No, it was early in the morning. She had been reading in bed and had made herself a cup of coffee. She had just got up to let her dogs go pottie and was  getting another cup of coffee and going back to her reading.

The lesson here is that Stroke CAN strike ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME.

How many stroke signs did you notice?

1 Numbness on the Left side of her body
2 Paralysis to the point of collapse and unable to get up.
3, One side of her face drooping.
4, Passing out.

Did she know what was wrong?

No, She didn't recognize the signs of stroke.

Did she call 911?

No, she called friends and family.

Would you know what to do?

Would you call 911?

Learn the SIGNS OF STROKE and if you or someone near you is showing any of the signs, CALL 911

STROKE is a  MEDICAL EMERGENCY.(knowing this basic information could save the life of you or someone you love)

5 warning signs of stroke 
If you or someone near you experience
- Trouble seeing in one or both eyes
- Numbness, weakness of face or limbs.
- Bad Headaches
- Difficulty walking, loss of balance
- Difficulty speaking or understanding speech
 - Call 911!!!
Stroke is a medical emergency...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Being The Best That I Can Be... My New Normal!

Stroke Survivor Gary Gray in the Community

I would like to share with you a series of videos that will help you to learn about Stroke.
You may not be familiar with stroke, what causes it, how it manifests itself, the damage it causes and how someone who has survived a stroke can relearn to do basic skills that were damaged and/or destroyed by the stroke.

 The series will also help you understand how a survivor can rebuild a life. (always different and often better than our pre stroke life)

Video # 1:  Understanding Stroke

Video # 2: Risk Factors Of Stroke

Video # 3: Symptoms Of Stroke

Video # 4: Preventing Stroke

Video # 5: Effects Of Stroke (Stroke Recovery #1

Video # 6: Recovering Mobility After Stroke (Stroke Recovery # 2)

Video # 7: Recovering Emotions After Stroke (Stroke Recovery # 3)

Video # 8: Recovering Cognition After Stroke (Stroke Recovery #4)

Thank you for taking the time to watch these videos so that you can become  better educated and more aware of Stroke.

A survivor has a lot of work to do. By working with a therapist the survivor moves toward the goal of independent living. Independent Living can be broken down into three areas.

1. ADL Activities of Daily Living: Through use of Physio and Occupational therapy a survivor can relearn to carry out the tasks of daily living like housekeeping, food preparation, eating, bathing, dressing, laundry etc.   

2. Socializing and community living: Through use of Physio and Occupational therapies as well as speech a survivor can relearn to carry out the tasks of daily living within the community such as walking, talking, driving, grocery shopping, eating out and spending time with friends.

3. Returning to meaningful productivity within the community: Through use and by expanding the use of skills learned in numbers 1 and 2 a survivor can relearn to become a productive member of the community once again. Whether it be going back to do paid work or doing volunteer work, the survivor can relearn the skills that are needed to become a valued productive  member of their community.

The one option that is NOT an option is staying in bed and/or not leaving the house. Survivors need to get up and get going. Our communities need to support survivors to achieve their goals.

Lets consider survivors that have made the efforts  required and have been given the support required to accomplish their goals. Everyone has been rewarded with success. We are all winners!

First visit "My Life After Stroke"  to read many stories of how survivors have been successful.

Then if you are a Caregiver or family member of a survivor you might like to visit "Strokecaregivers"

In order to really help people everywhere begin to understand STROKE, why it happens, who is at risk, how to get help F.A.S.T., what are the effects and the possibilities we are working on telling "The Stories Of Stroke" 

This will be released at a future date so if this is something that interests you please become a friend, fan or follower to receive further information and releases.

If you liked this post why not share it with your friends. TOGETHER, WE CAN STOP STROKE!

Gary Gray
Stroke Survivor since 2002