Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stroke Victim? Survivor, Triumphant or STROKE WARRIOR!!!

Gary center - Receiving recognition as a Provincial Library volunteer
Maybe I was a stroke victim and maybe I never was. There was a period of about six weeks post stroke when I couldn't walk. In fact, for part of that time I was bed-fast and in a coma. I never lost the will to recover and with the much appreciated help and support of friends, family and health care professionals I was able to stand and then walk short distances before I left rehab. Determined to walk I established a personal routine of walking while at the same time learning to work within the confines of severe fatigue, balance issues and Left side deficit. Now, almost 12 years post stroke I still struggle with fatigue, noticeable balance issues and Left side deficit but I maintain a regular routine of walking as part of my recovery. I have never considered myself a victim but rather a survivor or as some have termed it "Stroke Triumphant": "STROKE WARRIOR". Three keys to recovery are to maintain a positive attitude, set attainable goals and work at it every day. Also, a forth very important key is  - NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!!