Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please Take Time To Talk To The Heart And Stroke Foundation

Please share your voice, your insights and your experience with us as we build better ways to help you – and other Canadians who will experience heart disease or stroke – to reach the best recovery possible.
You are invited to attend one of a series of focus groups being organized across Canada for stroke survivors, people living with heart disease, and family members and friends who provide them support.
There are three ways that we’d welcome your input:
  • You can join us in person. We are planning in-person focus groups in communities across the country (with some opportunity for both French and English participation). Please watch this page for updates as we confirm these locations.
  • You can join us by phone. We will be holding two national teleconference focus groups. You can join from anywhere in the country, however these two teleconferences will be in English only. See below for dates and times.
  • You can provide your thoughts and feedback online. See below for links to surveys in English and French.
Register your interest to participate in a 1½ hour focus group by:
Let us know how you would like to take part – in person, by phone or online. You will receive a confirmation by email or phone, along with the specifics on location, phone number and/or the survey link.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Life Long Stroke Recovery

Life Long Stroke Recovery

When you watch this video, it will change your beliefs about how stroke survivors CAN recover.

RAPPORT (the know, like and trust factor) and STIMULABILITY appear to be key, along with passionate REPETITION framed with a SIMPLE appropriate therapy application, as part of daily lives.
Credit: Mark Ittleman author of "The Teaching of Talking"

Mark's application is for speech. However, I have noted that during the past thirteen years of my recovery, application of this strategy in other therapies has also proven successful.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

PEI Community Focus Group hosted by Heart and Stroke

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is hosting a Community Focus Group on June 12, 2015 as per the attached poster. Please try to attend if possible. This is a huge step in the right direction and they need our input to help identify the ways to improve supports and resources that can help you better manage your health (recovery) 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Some Canadian stroke patients left to pay own physiotherapy bills

Photo unavailable due to publication policies

Unfortunately, with the erroneous acceptance of the idea that stroke recovery can only last eighteen to twenty four months, the provision of long term treatment becomes a very real challenge for long term stroke recovery survivors.

Education and awareness have been badly lacking in this area and it needs to be given much larger voice.

Maybe a book like "The Brain That Changes Itself" by Canadian author Norman Doidge might be a great place to start.

Click Here to see the entire article. (including the photo)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Surprised by researcher's remarks in news article about a new stroke neuroprotectant drug being tested

Andy Tasker photo credit - CBC

Here is what Andy actually said... Tasker said this phase three trial is also a proud moment for the team at UPEI.

"To know that the part we played was critical in the development of this drug, to demonstrate that fundamental research really can lead to tangible benefits that benefit people in the real world in real time, and also frankly to show that a small university way out in the edges of the country can actually contribute to something which has the enormous potential to be a major impact worldwide," he said.

Congratulations Andy!

Andy and his team is proving that even if others may think of us as limited in what we can do, it is only an attitude and does not limit us from what we are truly capable of accomplishing.

If there ever were barriers because of location, those barriers either no longer exist or have been vastly reduced given the communication tools we have today.

As, Jeff Jarvis notes in his book " Geeks Bearing Gifts".

Although it is written for the news and media industry, it contains much valuable content for all of us in the stroke community.

Be careful of the attitude you share.

Click here to read the entire article.