Friday, February 1, 2013

When Stroke Survivors Can't Communicate...

Mark Lttleman author of "the Teaching of Talking"

Communication is key in all of our lives. Just imagine what it would be like to lose the ability to speak. Personally I don't have to imagine it because when I had my stroke I came face to face with the reality of not being able to speak.  It was a major shock!

Thankfully, my loss of speech was only temporary and the ability to speak came back in only a short while. Slurred at first it improved with time. During my rehab I asked for and received speech therapy. People would tell me that I sounded great but I could feel that my old voice was gone and my new one was just not the same. As time has passed I have grown more accustomed to my new voice and have grown to accept it as my own, like my new signature is different since my stroke. Just two of many changes post stroke that have become my new normal.

Many stroke survivors are not as fortunate when they lose the ability to speak and communicate as they once did. They are left with varying degrees of speech and communication deficit. Unfortunately, insurance coverage and government funded rehab are routinely only short term while the deficits become a life long journey for the survivor and his or her family.

There is a man who has recognized the challenge of long term recovery in this area and has developed a viable solution to this problem for survivors, families and health care professionals world wide. His  name is Mark Lttleman MS., COC/SLP a forty year speech pathologist who lives and works in the United States.

I think Bob Miller does a great job of introducing Mark in his interview. Bob hosts a weekly podcast called "The Incredible Breakthrough Show" and had Mark on as one of his guests. As you will learn, Bob is an Incredible Breakthrough story in his own journey of recovery after stroke.

Listen in as Bob interviews Mark.