Sunday, February 20, 2011

Secrets To Stroke Recovery

Secrets of Stroke Recovery

Welcome to our PEI Stroke Recovery readers

In this post I want to talk a little bit about the secrets to stroke recovery. These are important secrets that you may not be made aware of as a survivor progressing through the stages of stroke.

This post is intended to be a work in progress and because of that it will be changing and evolving over a period of time. It is my intent to review my stroke experience over the past eight plus years and extract from it the secrets that I have learned along the way.

 Lets start with my number one secret:

 Attitude. - A positive attitude is absolutely necessary. "Thoughts effect Actions and in turn actions effect results" and so it follows that in order to effect positive results in recovery we need to think positive thoughts.

Check out these two posts that I have written over the past few months:.  Number one secret to stroke recovery and Stroke Recovery Is Possible

Now lets talk about secret number two .

Goals -: A goal is like a desired destination. If you went for a drive and you didn't have a destination there would be no sense of accomplishment in getting there. You could end up who knows where and I hope that you enjoyed the drive because that is all it is going to be.

Goals can be short term or long term for example my goal for every day is "to be the best that my body will allow me to be". "Short term" and my life goal is "to improve my quality of life over time". "Long Term"

Here is an Acronym taken from the book "Messy Manager" that can be applied to goals to make them productive. SMAP-TFU

S - Specific
M- Measurable
A - Attainable
P - Passionate
T - Time Oriented
U - Followed Up

Lets also look at a post that I  posted along the way talking about goals. Click Here to read the post and watch the video.

Secret number three

Heart Healthy Diet - to be developed

Secret number four.

 A Regular Exercise Routine - : to be developed

Secret number five.

Regular Health Care Professional  Checkup Routine - to be developed

Secret number six.

Retraining The Brain - to be developed

Secret number seven.

Learning New Things - to be developed

                    Research - to be developed.

                    Increased Education And Awareness - to be developed

And a bonus secret.

Volunteering - to be developed

                     Helping Others  - to be developed

                     Networking - to be developed

Thi post continues to be a work in progress. Please feel free to provide your own experiences, thoughts, ideas and feedback by posting a comment or more if you wish. Also you can email me if you would rather. Thanks!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Stroke Care Toolkits For Health Care Professionals

Health Care Professionals

Welcome to all our Professional Health Care readers,

We are very excited about the research and development work that has been taking place here in Canada over the past few years to establish a national stroke strategy. As part of this body of work a number of toolkits have been developed to assist health care professionals in their day to day work.

PLEASE take the time to click through to each of the toolkits as well as the 2010 update and the new website. We hope that you will find these toolkits helpful and that you will make good use of them. THANKS!

Toolkit #1 of 7 Canadian Stroke Strategy Community Reintegration Toolkit 

Toolkit #2 of 7 Canadian Stroke Strategy Outpatient Rehab Resource Toolkit

Toolkit # 3 of 7 Canadian Stroke Strategy Stroke Unit How To Guide

Toolkit # 4 of 7 Canadian Stroke Strategy EMS Educational Resource

Toolkit # 5 of 7 Canadian Stroke Strategy Best Practices Toolkit

Toolkit # 6 of 7 Canadian Stroke Strategy Secondary Prevention Toolkit

Toolkit # 7 of 7 Canadian Stroke Strategy SPIRIT data collection system

Also a link to the Canadian Stroke Strategy Canadian Best Practices Recommendations for Stroke Care 2010 Update

and a link to the new Canadian Best Practices Recommendations for Stroke Care website

These resources have been in development over the past five years as part of the developing  Canadian Stroke Strategy to improve outcomes as related to prevention, response, treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration  phases of stroke.

As health care professionals you are working in these very areas every day. PLEASE, make the best use possible of these toolkits yourself as well as making others aware and encourage them to make use of them too.

By promoting education and awareness one person at a time we can STOP STROKE!

We will post again soon,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stroke Dropped From Long Time Number-Three Spot

Hi to all of my PEI Stroke Recovery readers,

The Stroke Awareness Foundation is reporting that progress is being made in stroke prevention due to greater education and awareness. This is very good news and it reflects just how important stroke education and awareness is. Please help to increase the education and awareness in your community. Thanks!

Click the links below to learn more.

Stroke dropped from it’s long time number-three spot

By making sure that your community is educated and made aware of the warning signs and the risk factors of stroke you can help to reduce the chance of stroke occurring even further.

You can also get to know the stroke survivors in your community. Help them to reintegrate back into the community and support them through the local chapter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


I will post again soon,

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