Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Working To Be The Best That Your Body Will Allow You To Be!... The Garrett Mendez Story

Today I was reading Chapter 14 of the book "The Man With The Bionic Brain" by Dr. Jon Mukand. This is the chapter that talks about a young stroke survivor, Garrett Mendez. I met the Mendez family through an email from Garrett's mother Eileen a few years ago. Eileen had been following my posts about another young stroke survivor and his mother who lived near me. Eileen was requesting to be introduced to the mom as the two boys were both recovering from brain stem strokes.

Through emails from Eileen I got to follow Garrett's amazing recovery that Dr. Mukand describes in his book. Garrett has created an awareness and support web page and has posted amazing videos on You Tube to help us better understand his recovery.

Click the arrow in the middle of the image below to watch one You Tube video of Garrett and his mom Eileen being interviewed.

I really want to congratulate Garrett for his amazing determination and consistent efforts to be the very best that his body will allow him to be. I also want to commend Garrett's family and in particular his mother Eileen for the amazing support you have given Garrett and by extension the entire stroke community. 

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kathy Spencer's Story Of Recovery After Stroke

I was just reading chapter 11 of the book "The Man With The Bionic Brain" by Dr.Jon Mukand. He tells us of Kathy Spencer and her recovery from stroke. It was in this chapter of this book that I learned about Kathy and her You Tube video. She tells us how she has used the tools that were available to her while being faithful to her daily exercises. She had learned how to re-teach her brain and by setting a goal to play the piano again, she did what I call "project based stroke recovery".  She became along the way a stroke myth buster and an amazing advocate to persons and families affected by stroke.

Kathy says it much better than I ever could, so just click on the arrow in the middle of the image below to start the video.

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Thanks for reading our post. We hope you are as encouraged by Kathy's story as we were.

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