Friday, March 27, 2015

Surprised by researcher's remarks in news article about a new stroke neuroprotectant drug being tested

Andy Tasker photo credit - CBC

Here is what Andy actually said... Tasker said this phase three trial is also a proud moment for the team at UPEI.

"To know that the part we played was critical in the development of this drug, to demonstrate that fundamental research really can lead to tangible benefits that benefit people in the real world in real time, and also frankly to show that a small university way out in the edges of the country can actually contribute to something which has the enormous potential to be a major impact worldwide," he said.

Congratulations Andy!

Andy and his team is proving that even if others may think of us as limited in what we can do, it is only an attitude and does not limit us from what we are truly capable of accomplishing.

If there ever were barriers because of location, those barriers either no longer exist or have been vastly reduced given the communication tools we have today.

As, Jeff Jarvis notes in his book " Geeks Bearing Gifts".

Although it is written for the news and media industry, it contains much valuable content for all of us in the stroke community.

Be careful of the attitude you share.

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